04045 Wellshire Black Forest Boneless Ham Nugget

6 (1.75) lb packages. Slow cooked and delicately seasoned with all natural maple and honey, our distinctive flavor comes from smoking carefully selected cuts of pork over the finest hard wood - in the tradition of the wooded resort in southwestern Germany. This fully-cooked ham, crafted from animals raised humanely and fed a vegetarian diet, is a hit on salads or served fresh with bread and fruit! Always free of preservatives and antibiotics. *Product and shipping weight totals 16.5 lbs.

08043 Wellshire Turkey Ham Nugget

(6) 1.75 lb pkgs. GLUTEN FREE. All natural product free of preservatives, nitrates, nitrties or antibiotics. *Product and shipping weight totals to 16.5 lbs.

08041 WEF Turkey Ham Steak- Product Photo
08041 Wellshire Uncured Turkey Ham Steak (13 lbs*)

(16) 7oz packages. GLUTEN FREE. Fully cooked and seasoned with a delicious blend of spices, our lean steaks offer an excellent alternative for those honoring a pork-free diet. Packed with 10 grams of protein and laced with a tinge of honey, these select cuts of turkey come from animals raised humanely on a wholesome vegetarian diet. Always crafted without the use of preservatives or antibiotics. *Product and shipping weight totals to 13 lbs.



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